Windermere Wonder

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This lovely “Spanish colonial” inspired home on Wauseon Bay was truly a labor of love. The young couple with four children under the age of eleven had me smiling the moment we met. It was a year of devoted collaboration. The original home was “modern Italian” and as we structurally edited, the home took on a more traditional flavor.

Additions included custom cabinetry, stained wood ceilings, hand-made tiles, iron railings, interior and exterior stone, oak plank floors, alder doors and mill work and a pool/cabana area that rivals any resort property.

The furnishings were selected to be “child-friendly” including a turquoise leather sectional sofa in the family room. The theatre room is a popular destination for all … complete with a stage and curtains for the children to perform for friends and family.

above left: Hand-made tiles, right: Original walls were drywall

Theatre Room

DESIGN TIP: Selecting the proper size chandelier for a room.

  • A chandelier is not only a source of light…it is elegant jewelry for the home.
  • To figure out the right size for the light fixture, first add together the room dimensions; Then add 5.  Thus, for a 15 x 20 room, add 15 and 20 plus 5. Then substitute inches for feet. So, in this example, a chandelier that’s 40 inches in diameter would be ideal. I tend to go a little larger than this rule and you must take into account the ceiling height as well.
  • A long, rectangular table requires two chandeliers (A worthwhile investment if you decide to resell; matching pairs of light fixtures are worth more than the price of two singles.)